Vantage Cloud Subscriptions Overview


This portal is for the registration and tracking of Vantage Cloud Subscription sales. It provides Telestream with the necessary data to associate cloud usage with specific account managers within the Telestream reseller network. This process is required for tracking revenue and associate sales credit for usage of the Vantage Cloud Subscriptions.

This is accomplished by creating individual accounts within the Telestream Reseller Portal and registering deals within those accounts:  

 Register Opportunities –Register new Vantage Cloud Subscription sales opportunities to associate them with your account so that you get credit for revenue. You will provide the customers contact information and the 12-digit Amazon Web Services (AWS) account number must be provided by the end user.

This process can be used to initiate 30 day trials or to deliver the software to fulfill of Vantage Cloud Subscriptions orders.

Getting started

Click the link below for the Cloud Manager Guide documentation. 

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